Monday, March 13, 2006

Sockapaloooza poll

(Edited to add pictures)

So I've been experimenting with some things for sckapaoooza. My sock pal was sorta vague she likes "verigated, or stipes". No mention of patterning, lace or other preferences. I've bought some Cherry Tree Hill yarn in Spring Frost, this is the same base yarn as Koigu just dyed and distributed by a different company. I was thinking maybe something with some lace on the cuffs.

Then I started spinning some handpainted finn roving that I got at the Knitters Review retreat in November. It's mainly pink with blues, greens, and some colors in between. I have enough for 2 pairs of socks. I split my roving in 2 so I wil be able to theoretically have 2 matching skeins. But no matter how even my spinning and knitting handspun socks will likely be slightly fraternal in nature.

I spun up about 1 sock worth so far and navajo plied it into a 3 ply that looks like the colors are going to form slowly changing stripes. I knit up a tiny little swatch and decided it looked good but was a little finer than most sock yarns, it worked well on size 0 needles.

I have about 5 million yards of cobweb weight silk that I got for almost no money last year at MDSW. The woman didn't believe I would ever use it and sold the 5 oz hank to me for $10. So I knit another little swatch carrying the silk with the handspun. The silk adds some strength and beefs up the yarn just a bit while also adding a pretty sheen to it. I'd still knit it on size 0.

So here is the poll:

What yarn should I use?
Cherry tree hill
Handspun by itself
Handspun with silk
Get new yarn (specify in comments)
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Thanks for the help!