Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Still no pictures yet

I'll take some pictures tonight and get them up by the end of the week. I currently have 3 active WIPs.

The first is a top that just needs the last sleeve attached. That's it, I've already woven in all of the ends that won't be used for seaming the sleeve and the rest of the finishing. So why haven't I finished yet? The original plan was to finish it this weekend. Two things got in the way of that. On Friday night I finished all of the knitting, looked at the pieces and realized...The sleeves were different. Crap. Surprisingly this happens much more often than I usually admit. I don't generally follow a pattern. I'll look at them for inspiration or take a lace motif or cable off of one but I have only followed one pattern in my knitting life. This method although more creatively fulfilling to me tends to come with a whole mess of issues that pattern followers don't have, like mismatched sleeves because I was stupid and didn't write the pattern down when I knit the first on. Then on Saturday I woke up with a migraine. Full blown with no warning so I go t nothing done all day. My husband who doesn't get headaches and usually doesn't understand the debilitating nature of them realized how bad it was when I told him I couldn't even knit. So Sunday I got the left sleeve on and I haven't touched it since.

Project number 2 has been a WIP for about 9 months now. A really good friend of mine is pregnant and I realized Monday that she is due any day now. Oops, I better finish the stuff I'm making for the new baby. I finished the baby blanket a few months ago and I have 1 pair of booties made but I want to make booties (and maybe a hat?) out of the leftover blanket yarn too so last night I made one boottie and this morning I finished the cuff of the other one. I have enough blue yarn for the pair and then I have some green too (the blanket is green with a few blue stripes and a blue edge. So the question is do I make blue booties and green booties? Or do I add a green crocheted edge to the blue booties and make hat too? Tonight is Our big monthly knitting meeting (some of us meet weekly) so I should be able to finish the second boottie, ask peoples' opinions on the hat/more booties dilemma and at least get started on the hat or green booties.

Project three is a top for me. It's a summery cotton tank that I don't want to post too much about because I think the pattern may be publishable at a later date (I'm even writing it down). This has been put on hold because I think I may have made it too small so I'm going to try it on before I go any farther or send it to the frog pond (Rip, Rip).

I guess there is sort of a fourth WIP that is also a finished project. (huh?) I've finnished making it but want to send the pattern in to Knitty. So I need to translate my pattern scribbles into an actual pattern and have my husband take some pictures in the back yard. The deadline is the end of the month for the fall issue so I should get going on this soon.

I'll add pictures later this week, I promise.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I've Got a Blog!!!

Yay! I'm not going to advertise until I get some pictures and some real posts up but I wanted to get a first post up right away. I've been a regular blog watcher for about a year now and I've been considering starting my own for a while. I hope you enjoy my contribution to the knit blogging community. Please leave lots of comments, feed back and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from all of you.