Monday, July 11, 2005

Bad blogger

Ok, I'm officially a bad blogger which is exactly why I haven't advertised my blog anywhere yet.

To slightly redeem myself I will say that I don't have a digital camera. I have a camcorder and aphone that can both take digital pictures but I haven't been able to get pictures out of the phone yet and the camera is too big to use on a regular basis. I know both of these are easily fixed but I just haven't had th time or drive to fix them.

For a project update the top has a sleeve and fits/looks great. I washed it last night (I didn't block itbefore wearing it) and there doesn't seem to be any excess stretching or odd things happening(Yay!). I sent off the baby blanket and booties (2 pairs, no hat). The tank top was too small and I don't have enough yarn if I start over to make it bigger. So I will file the "pattern" (basically an idea in my head and a rough sketch on a post it) away for a time when I have enough of the right type of yarn. The knitty project was too dark to photograph well so I will be making another in a lighter color and submitting it at a later date.