Monday, January 30, 2006


I've been doing some thinking over the past week about what I want this blog to be. I know it is definately a fiber focused knitting, spinning etc blog but what about everything else? I don't have a problem putting my picture here and I definately will as soon as I take some pictures. But what about the other personal things in life? Family issues, work issues and the like. Will I talk about them? Some of my favorite blogs go very in depth into their personal lives, others barely even skim the surface if at all. So what do I want to do? I think I've settled on a middle ground. There is life outside of knitting and I will talk about it but I think I'll maintain my usual private nature.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First Post

OK I'm starting over, I've decided to leave the old posts up but this is my new official first post. I know, it's a bit like cheating but it's my blog and I get to arbitrarily make all the rules. I got a real digital camera finally and I joined sockapaloooza so hopefully this will be enough to spur me into actually posting more than twice a year.

For this "first" post we have knitting content:

Current WIPS are a sweater for me, a mitten for my sister (1.5 done), and just 6 rows left on a pair of lace socks, also for me. I have serious second mitten syndrome. These are Latvian-esque mittens of my own design that are Jennifer's Christmas present. yes I know I should work on them exclusively. Yes, I know I'm a bad sister. But I have reasons. We gave each other half knit christmas gifts knowing that we would both understand, so as long as she gets them with enough time to wear them this winter I think she'll forgive me. Also, they are 2 color stranded mittens. They don't travel well and due to many other things most of my knitting is currently done when I am not at home.

Spinning content:

Yes, I spin too. I have a Kromski Minstrel that I adore. She is lovely. I got her in late October and when I am too tired or stressed to even knit I spin. I just finished a skein of silk/merino in a beautiful rose/beige color. I have a pound and a half of this fiber that I want to turn into a sweater for me. When I get the kitchen out of the living room (see below) I'll take a picture of my spinning corner.

And non knitting or spinning content:

This is the "many other things" I mentioned above. We are remodeling our kitchen. And when I say we I mean my husband and I have done 80% of the work so far. We finally have cabinets but still no counters, sink or floor. I want to get the floor tiled this weekend but tiling the half bath took me 6 months so I'm not getting my hopes up yet. I have no idea how long it will take before we get the granite counters or sink in so we'll see, this is of course being done by granite people and not us. We can now load the upper cabinets but the lower ones need to wait until the counters are in.

I'm also getting Lasik in 2 weeks (YAY!!!) I'm sure this will likely cut into my knitting time too, at least for anything I have to actually look at and concentrate on, like latvian-esque mittens. I guess I should try to get those finished before my surgery...